Email Marketing for Gen Z: Statistics and Strategies

There are dozens of think pieces about how old school marketing techniques don’t work on Gen Z. Some publications have gone as far as declaring that “email is dead”. These takes are exaggerated and alarmist, but there are absolutely differences between email marketing for Gen Z vs previous generations. In this guide, I will explore: […]

How to Use Email Analytics to Improve Your Campaigns: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is continually producing content with no regard for their analytics. This is a huge mistake because studying your data, especially your email analytics, can help you create more effective marketing campaigns and even improve your products/services. In this guide to email analytics, I will explore: What […]

How to Create an Automated Welcome Sequence

Building an immediate relationship with your subscribers is essential. You need to establish the value of your newsletter, and your business as a whole, to ensure that people keep opening your emails. One of the best ways to do this is by learning how to create an automated welcome sequence. In this guide, I will […]

The Ultimate Guide to Opt-In Bonuses

If you’ve read a few articles about email marketing, you’ve probably encountered the idea of creating an opt-in bonus. But what is an opt-in bonus? How can you create one suitable for your audience? Are opt-in bonuses even effective? In this guide, I’ll explore: What an opt-in bonus/lead magnet is Types of opt-in bonuses How […]

7 Reasons You’re Losing Subscribers + What To Do About It

Numbers fluctuate in any email list, but if you’re losing more subscribers than you gain each week, you’ve got a problem. This guide will take a look at 7 potential reasons you’re losing subscribers and provide actionable strategies for dealing with each one. Let’s dive right in! 1. You’re sending too many emails Subscribers want […]

The Ultimate Guide to List Building and Maintenance

Successful email marketing requires more than elegant templates and well-written copy. In fact, those things are wasted if nobody knows about your list. This makes it essential to put at least as much energy into building (and maintaining) your list as you do into creating content for it. In this guide, I will explore the […]