17+ Email Subject Line Best Practices to Boost Engagement

You can have the best email content in the world…but if you can’t engage subscribers with your subject line, all that content is going to go to waste. Instead of opening your emails, they’ll just keep on scrollin’ through their inboxes. So – how can you write an email subject line that grabs your subscribers’ […]

4 Best Plugins to Send WordPress Post Notifications (All Are Free)

Searching for a way to send WordPress post notifications via email? You might want to send email notifications to your blog’s subscribers when you publish a new post. Or, if you have multiple authors and you want to simplify your admin processes, you might want to send yourself post notification emails when someone publishes a […]

Re-Engagement Emails: Examples and Best Practices to Win Back Subscribers

If you’re like a lot of email marketers, you’re probably always focused on finding new ways to grow your lists and attract new subscribers. But what about keeping the subscribers that you already have? Email list churn, or decay, is a real problem, with many lists losing 25-50% of subscribers in a year. Beyond people […]

Introducing New Ways to Measure Your Email Campaigns in MailPoet (After iOS 15)

With MailPoet, you get access to advanced analytics to help you track the engagement of your email efforts and understand what you’re doing well, and where you might be able to make some improvements. However, Apple’s iOS 15 update included some major privacy-focused features that have changed how the email marketing industry as a whole […]

How to Send Automatic WordPress Post Notification Emails With MailPoet

Searching for a way to automatically send your latest blog posts to subscribers on your WordPress site? Sending out an email newsletter of your latest posts is a great way to engage with your audience and get eyeballs on your content. But doing everything manually can be tedious, especially when you have to do it […]

Jilt Alternative: How to Migrate Jilt to MailPoet for Ecommerce Email Marketing

Searching for a Jilt alternative now that you’ve heard the news that Jilt is shutting down on April 30, 2022? Jilt is a great tool for eCommerce email marketing. But the fact that the Jilt team is permanently shutting down the service at the beginning of 2022 means that you’re going to need to find […]