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  • Fast to set up
  • Manage all your clients in one account
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  • Minimal training required for your clients
  • Each website can send unlimited emails up to 1,000 subscribers
  • See advanced analytics on subscriber engagement
What is the limit of subscribers per site?

The free MailPoet comes by default with a limit of 1,000 subscribers.

With the Agency license, there is no subscriber limit if you send with your host or third party, like SendGrid. You can send to 50,000 subscribers, for example.

Even better yet, you can send with the MailPoet Sending Service up to 1,000 subscribers for each site. Each site can send unlimited amounts of emails with outstanding deliverability

How many emails can I send with MailPoet Agency?

There’s no restriction on the number of emails you can send with MailPoet Agency.

But keep in mind — sending with the MailPoet Sending Service is significantly faster than other methods, and provides great deliverability.

Each site in the Agency license can send unlimited number of emails up to 1,000 subscribers with the MailPoet Sending Service!

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