It’s Been Two Years

Maily, the bird

Two years ago today, the four partners released the beta of our plugin on the WordPress repository. It was the beginning of the awesome adventure we share with you, and Maily, our mascot.

Let’s look at some figures for the sake of perspective:

  • 60,000 active users
  • 11th highest rated plugin on the repository
  • 21st most popular plugin there too
  • We’ve grown to a team of 8 fine, and passionate, people

We’re immensely grateful to everyone who helped us, encouraged us, gave us feedback, and wrote critical reviews. Every message we get makes us move forward. Our heartfelt “thank you” to all of you, we mean it.

Work hard, get rewarded

A lot of sweat and tears go into making your newsletter experience easier, faster, more fun. It’s hard, but very fun, and extremely rewarding.

For example, I meet people in random circumstances that turn out to be users of MailPoet nowadays. In France, our plugin has become quite popular.

When these strangers find out what I do, they look at me in awe, sort of stardom struck. They nearly all say “Merci!” immediately, and share their experience.

Thankfully, I haven’t yet met anyone who’s site crashed after an update!

We’re in business!

Our commitment and urge to make a better experience hasn’t wavered at all in the last 2 years. Nada!

We still bang our heads against the wall nearly every week because users are stuck in our user interface.

We’re excited to tackle some of the major issues next year. We’ve been gearing up for it.

In many ways, we feel like it’s just the beginning. In fact, 2 years for a company is just the beginning.

More importantly, we proved that our business model works. We created this plugin to relieve our own qualms, and frustrations with the existing solutions. Our thousands of users have proved we are not alone in our quest.

To end this post, I’d like to mention that we do accept presents. They can be in the form of comments on this post, or a few stars on the repository, a tweet about our plugin, an email to your friends about our plugin, or even signups to our newsletter below.

Extra credit for those who do all of the above. Thanks again!


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    Bravo ! J’ai vraiment confiance en ce plugin. Personnellement je n’ai pas de version premium car pas le besoin, mais chez mes clients, je mets MailPoet, si un jour ils ont le besoin de +2k users, yapluka.
    Top ! A très vite :)

    Author’s gravatar

    Bravo et bon anniversaire à MailPoet. A dire vrai, j’ai jusqu’à présent privilégié un de vos concurrents mais je lorgne de plus en plus vers votre plugin qui semble très bon. Ce qui me retenais était le prix mais quand je vois que la limite d’utilisateurs est aussi à 2000 pour la version gratuite, je vais sauter le pas !
    Bon anniversaire.

    Author’s gravatar

    Depuis que j’ai découvert ce plugin, mettre en place et envoyer une newsletter est devenu un jeu d’enfant ! Et le tout, dans une qualité irréprochable pour un rendu digne d’un professionnel ! Et quand le besoin s’en fera sentir, nul doute que la version premium aura tout à fait sa place et son utilité chez mes clients. Longue vie à mailpoet !

    Author’s gravatar

    Bra Mr. X

    Watch out for the devils, often found in the details….

    Velkommen til Norge for Xmas

    Mr Y and Dag Gjerstad

    Cape Town

    Author’s gravatar

    Félicitations pour vos 2 ans, j’ai la version premium et je conseille Wysija à tous mes stagiaires ;)

    Good job, keep going on !

    Author’s gravatar

    Congratulations and happy birthday!
    Thank you very much for thinking and make true this necessary plugin! And special thanks to Ben and his patient care of any user!
    Alessandro Vannini – CEO at STOXX

    Author’s gravatar

    grand merci pour ce plugin vraiment super.
    Bon boulot continuer dans ce sens.

    Author’s gravatar

    Happy Anniversary! Great plugin, just love it! You guys the best.

    Author’s gravatar

    Bon anniversaire à Maily, la premium se porte comme un charme. Keep doing the good job.


    Author’s gravatar

    Très bon anniversaire à toute l’équipe et merci pour ce beau produit qui évolue toujours et dans le bon sens.

    Comme beaucoup, je propose systématiquement MailPoet* à mes clients et dès qu’il y en a un qui est concerné, il prend votre premium en direct.

    Long live & Happy Bithday to all !


    * j’aimais bien Wysija, ça intriguait et ça créait le questionnement et une réaction marrante des clients lorsqu’ils découvraient la signification ^^

    Author’s gravatar

    Bon Anniversaire à toute l’équipe. Et merci pour cet excellent outil qu’est MailPoet :)

    Author’s gravatar

    Salut le jeune
    Bravo et continue
    faut pas s’arrêter là ! OK maintenant, quelle est la prochaine étape du plan d’affaires ?

    Author’s gravatar

    Happy Birthday. Congratulations for running a great plugin this long so far.

    Author’s gravatar

    congratulations kim and team MP ….. those are wonderful and impressive stats ….. I am looking forward to trying out this really USEFUL plugin ….. and thanks too for the laughs (what?? you’re not korean? not a girl??)

    happy b’day!

    Author’s gravatar

    Hello Kim and the Team,

    Your plugin is simply one of the best, most productive and elegant solutions to problems many of us face…How best to communicate with our readers and online community!

    Thanks again for a great product.

    Author’s gravatar

    Guys, without you I would not even know how to spread the message about thinking and loving post classic logic. Sounds boring, but means absolute peace, love and unity – just by lifting an ancient thought barrier in our own heads, setting minds free.
    With your help, I can chance the world into a better place. Thank you!

    Author’s gravatar

    Installé sur deux sites, l’un avec création de liste en backend, l’autre en accès public et que du bon!

    Bon anniversaire !

    Mais attente impatiente des widgets d’accès aux newsletters déjà publiées ;)

    Author’s gravatar

    On l’utilise depuis deux ans ! Des dizaines de clients satisfaits, et nous avec bien sur.
    Bravo pour la belle aventure les gars. Continuez comme cela !

    Author’s gravatar

    Hi Kim and the team

    What an amazing 2 years. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.

    Without your support and help, how would CCC have been able to send out some lovely emails to my members. Keep up the good work.
    BTW CCC is 3 years old this month (December). You have been a big part of that. To which I thank you.

    Author’s gravatar

    Been following you guys since the start and it’s great to see what you’ve achieved in such a short time, keep it up!

    Author’s gravatar

    Bonjour, et bon anniversaire. Je suis très content de votre plugin. Il est simplement dommage que la version pro soit bien trop chère pour une petite association comme la mienne (l’envoi d’une lettre tous les quinze jours me coûterait plus, sur l’année, que tout mon hébergement). J’en reste donc à la version gratuite… Bonne continuation

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    Got an email from you guys today talking about a two year coupon and special offer… but clicking on it takes me to a payment page. No indication of what the coupon code is… or what one gets for that coupon. Very odd.

    Author’s gravatar

    Nos meilleurs voeux pour votre anniversaire et pour la nouvelle année qui arrive (je suis en avance…)

    Excellent plugin qui est installé sur notre site ainsi que celui de nos stagiaires.

    Author’s gravatar

    And you know what’s especially great?

    You’re French! :)

    For most apps, plugins etc., there are only usable options from the US … if you’re looking for a native newsletter plugin for a WordPress-based site, there’s MailPoet! :)

    Author’s gravatar

    It’s time to get some women in your team!

    Only guys, that’s not good..

    Author’s gravatar

    Connie, we could not agree more.

    We’ve been on the lookout for women candidates, but there are few, honestly.

    Gender is one of many qualities, if I can state as such, that we look for, rest assured.

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