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The Premium Features

The Premium Features

The big picture, in your stats dashboard

The comfort of knowing it all: your top newsletters, your most engaged subscribers, their favorite links, and the best converting forms. See full screenshot in new tab

Detailed stats for each newsletter.

Find out which links draw the most attention for each newsletter. Are your call to actions clear enough? See screenshot

Detailed stats for each subscriber.

Find out how many newsletters were opened and what links were clicked on the subscriber details page. See screenshot

Track with Google Analytics.

Find out what happens to your subscribers once they arrive on your site. See screenshot

Spam score in 1 click.

Check your spam score directly in MailPoet in one click thanks to mail-tester, our in-house tool. See screenshot

Send without hiccups.

MailPoet checks every 5 minutes your site, just like a "cron" job, to make sure your emails are being sent on time. There's no setup involved. Easy.

Keep your lists clean, effortlessly.

Inbox full? Invalid emails? Simply create a dedicated email for bounces and MailPoet will keep your lists clean. Spam filters like this. See screenshot

More beautiful themes.

MailPoet has over 30 themes. The newest and brightest are for our Premium users. Each comes with its original Photoshop files.

Be the first in line for support.

Premium users get priority help. We usually reply within 12 hours.
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