Infographic of Support at MailPoet

Check out the infograph below based on stats from our support effort in October. It gives us, and yourself, the bigger picture.

We take a lot of pride in the speed and quality of our support. Nearly 25% of our human resources are affected to it on any given day, except for weekends. In fact, all 6 team members rotate during the week to answer your questions. That’s Ben, Jo, Marco, George, Tung, and myself, Kim.

Supporting a plugin like ours is of prime importance. Emailing can be quite complicated, downright confusing, if not frustrating.

It’s also helpful for everyone in the team to be in touch with our users. We all get to see different usage of our plugin by some of our 50,000 or so active users. Everyone in our team has a grip on the feedback loop, which in translates into everyone sharing the motivation to improve our work.

We can indeed do a better job at support. For example, the co-founder of the plugin Gravity Forms, Carl, told us recently that his average answer time was 3 hours for his customers. While he doesn’t have the support load of free users, Gravity Form obviously beats us for paying customers response time.

A new staff will join our team in December, solely dedicated to support. We’ll share some stats again in early 2014 to assess how much we improved.

Infographic of support at MailPoet


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    I only put effort into plugins that I know have dedicated and committed support which was the primary reason I choose MailPoet for all my sites and the one I recommend to other WordPress users.
    You guys totally rock for a rock solid email and newsletter platform and the dedication you all have to your product.

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