5 reasons to ditch your email service provider, and use MailPoet


It’s the new year and now is a great time to organise, plan and prepare for a busy year ahead. Maybe you’re new to emailing your customers or perhaps you’re looking to make the change from your existing provider. With 100,000 WordPress sites actively using MailPoet, we’ll help explain why the time is right to switch.

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Lessons that we take into 2015

We’re already out of the holiday period, well-rested, and with the impression that our bellies are still full.

2014 was our third year of existence. It brought continued growth, some chaos, and a good deal of fun times.

It’s time to take an honest look back at 2014 and share everything we’ve learned.

Lessons of 2014

We’re not a product, but a team. Growing MailPoet, even as small as we are, is challenging. We went from 8 to 12 and changed a few colleagues along the way. We’ve made progress at improving hiring, onboarding, and creating a company culture. We’re still learning, but we’re definitely getting better at it.


Security is a feature. The security flaw in MailPoet that saw thousands of websites get hacked broke our hearts and proved to be our company’s single greatest challenge. We’ve improved how we communicate with our users, how we can better prevent security issues, and how we collaborate with third parties. We were humbled by the response and patience of our users. Interestingly, the security issue hasn’t hurt our revenues. Read More…

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What it takes to support a freemium plugin

We shared an infographic a year ago with statistics from our helpdesk.

Today, we do so again using stats from this past November:

Infographic of support at MailPoet Read More…

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What’s the best day to send emails?

MailPoet best days if the week to send

Well that’s a very loaded question but I’m glad you asked. It’s something that I get asked a lot! In this article we’ll discuss what really is the best day to send email for your company and how to test it. Read More…

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6 Mistakes to avoid in your newsletter

Mistakes to avoid in your email newsletter

When you’re running around doing the jobs of several people, it’s very easy to let complacency creep in and that’s when mistakes begin to happen, or you might send out emails you’re 100% happy with. Use this guide to help you consider what’s important to you and your subscribers.

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Driven by your data

Data bits overshadows bird

Plugin and theme authors are pretty much working blindly.

Since our plugin is distributed on the WordPress repository, it’s impossible for us to track any of our users. It’s against the rules.

These rules are respectable as they are meant to protect your privacy. As a user myself, I don’t want plugins to track my usage without me opting in.

Mobile developers are stunned that we have no data. I get asked:

How do you know which features are popular?

There are plenty of ways to get user data, rest assured. For example, we are currently running a broad user survey that thousands, we hope, will answer.

Since we need to work hard to get useful user information, this has made our company data centric. No decision is taken without evidence to corroborate it.

Let’s review together how you can share with us, and how we use your information. This can also be valuable to other plugin authors.
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Paid newsletter subscriptions with WooCommerce

This case study examines how one of our users sells premium content thanks to WooCommerce and a plugin called Groups. MailPoet is used to convert free subscribers to paying customers. This set up is nearly free.

Photo of ThomasMy name is Thomas Clausen. I work as a senior project manager in one of Denmark’s biggest bank.

In my spare time I do all kinds of things related to WordPress. I also run a small webshop at designgrotten.dk

In this article, I will cover how I made a site for my brother in law and his colleague to help their website aktieraadet.dk sell stock analysis, all sent via email. Read More…


Clean Slate

New MailPoet, version 3

We have completely stopped the development of MailPoet, as you’ve come to know it. There will be no more additional features, no more enhancements. Maybe a bug release. Alas, we’re closing a chapter…

Instead, we are completely focused on MailPoet version 3, a near complete rewrite. A new chapter, if you like. This is great news for us, and even greater for you!

For over a year, we’ve known that our pace of developments, and fair share of dreams, would outpace what the current version of our plugin allowed. Read More…


Writing links for emails that get clicks

Image of a cursor clicking a link

Following on from our previous post about using buttons for your calls to action, in this post we’ll show you how to write motivational wording for your links and buttons that will encourage people to click through.

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We will send your emails

Illustration of sending service

MailPoet will start delivering your emails in 2015. I can’t understate how excited we are at the prospect of finally being your postman!

We welcome all of you to sign up to the beta of our service (below) which will be available in the coming weeks. Around 100 participants will be selected by our team, and will get unlimited free emails for one year.

Until now, our users are either sending with their own servers, or have smartly chosen a third party, like SendGrid, for example. Read More…