4 Tips to Prepare Your Emails for Any Holiday Calendar Event


Photo by Jan Tik

It’s a popular time of the year for themed holidays so it’s a good idea to prepare early for them. Here’s some top tips to get yourself seasonally ready, whatever time of year it is.
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FC Skanderborg – Email Clinic #4

In this Email Clinic, we’ll give a fresh but impactful update to a Danish Football Club’s newsletter.

FC Scanderborg logo

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How to Learn from Subscribers with Unsubscribe Pages

Add an unsubscribe survey to MailPoet

No one likes to say goodbye, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from the experience.

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How to Create a Drip Campaign Series

Drip campaigns with MailPoet

Setting up a drip campaign is easy with MailPoet! In this post, we’ll show you how to set up a series of automated emails to create your own drip campaign.
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Change How Users Select Lists on Signup Forms

List selection before and results

Sometimes, you might only want a subscriber to choose one from a selection of lists to subscribe to. By default, when you give the user a choice of lists, our forms only give you the ability to have checkboxes, meaning that the subscriber can opt-in to multiple lists.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to edit the signup form and replace the list selection checkboxes (with either radio buttons or a dropdown list).

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Improve Your Signup: Welcome Email – Part 3

In the final part of this series, we’ll look at the “welcome email,” or a message that comes at the end of the signup confirmation process.


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Improve Your Signup – Part 2: Confirmation Landing Page

MailPoet final confirmation landing page

In Part 1 we showed you how to customize the signup email, and now we’ll show you how to make that signup experience even better when the subscriber clicks through to confirm their subscription.

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Improve Your Signup: Confirmation Email – Part 1

In this series, we’re going to show you how to improve your email signup process and make it 100% more awesome. Want to know how to hack your MailPoet signup confirmation? We’ll show you how in Part 1…

Our modified signup confirmation email for MailPoet
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2 Ways to get Email Signups from Facebook

Our final signup form in Facebook

We get lots of requests asking how you can add a signup form to Facebook. So here’s two ways to get people to sign up from your Facebook page.

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Clandestine Cake Club – Email Clinic #3

Clandestine image

This edition, we’re going to bake up a storm in the kitchen with this cake newsletter and add a few extra sprinkles to it.

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