Email vs social media

Email vs Social media - spend more time on your emails

Sending newsletters is usually only one part of the marketing communications you might send out to customers. In this post we’ll share why you should spend more time thinking about your emails and less time with your social media channels.

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Introducing Becs, our newest team member!

becs_mailpoetIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you’ll know that I am not new around here! I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the MailPoet blog for a while as a freelancer but a while back Kim asked me whether I’d like to join the team and the rest is history.

Since there’s lot of exciting things going on in the forthcoming months with MailPoet version 3 and launching our sending service, I’m taking on the marketing responsibilities and looking at ways to spread the news about our plugin to more WordPress users.

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Am I a spammer? How to be a nice email sender

Avoid being an email spammer

Have you ever considered that the way you go about sending emails could be seen negatively by email providers and even your recipients? Here’s some top tips to help you avoid looking like a spammer.

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Make your newsletter signup form work harder

Make a better email signup form

Putting a basic newsletter signup form on your site just doesn’t cut it these days with potential subscribers. Here’s a few easy ways to improve your MailPoet form and increase your signup conversion.

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Never use a ‘do not reply’ email address

Never use do not reply

Do you use a fake or email address that you send your newsletters out from? If so, you could be doing your customers a disservice.

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Survey Results

Remember the survey we conducted in late 2014? Over 4,000 users like you answered our 15 questions.

This gives us a pretty good picture of who you are and what you want to see improve in our plugin.

Let’s take a look at some of your answers and what we, the team at MailPoet, make of them. We can all learn and move forward together. Teamwork! Read More…


How should you prioritise your email content?

Email content hierachy

It may seem obvious but how you organise the layout of your email can make a huge difference to what impact it has on the reader… and your click rates.

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5 reasons to ditch your email service provider, and use MailPoet


It’s the new year and now is a great time to organise, plan and prepare for a busy year ahead. Maybe you’re new to emailing your customers or perhaps you’re looking to make the change from your existing provider. With 100,000 WordPress sites actively using MailPoet, we’ll help explain why the time is right to switch.

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Lessons that we take into 2015

We’re already out of the holiday period, well-rested, and with the impression that our bellies are still full.

2014 was our third year of existence. It brought continued growth, some chaos, and a good deal of fun times.

It’s time to take an honest look back at 2014 and share everything we’ve learned.

Lessons of 2014

We’re not a product, but a team. Growing MailPoet, even as small as we are, is challenging. We went from 8 to 12 and changed a few colleagues along the way. We’ve made progress at improving hiring, onboarding, and creating a company culture. We’re still learning, but we’re definitely getting better at it.


Security is a feature. The security flaw in MailPoet that saw thousands of websites get hacked broke our hearts and proved to be our company’s single greatest challenge. We’ve improved how we communicate with our users, how we can better prevent security issues, and how we collaborate with third parties. We were humbled by the response and patience of our users. Interestingly, the security issue hasn’t hurt our revenues. Read More…

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What it takes to support a freemium plugin

We shared an infographic a year ago with statistics from our helpdesk.

Today, we do so again using stats from this past November:

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